Why the Essex County Dental Society and the Ontario Dental Association Supports Community Water Fluoridation

Community water fluoridation is a safe and effective means of preventing dental decay. Our position is based on the overwhelming scientific evidence available, and is driven by our dedication to the provision of exemplary oral health care to our patients and communities.

In a Special Report, Tooth Decay in Ontario's Children: An Ounce of Prevention - A Pound of Cure, the Ontario Dental Association (ODA) recognized that dental decay is the most frequent condition suffered by children other than the common cold, and is one of the leading absences from school. Children at high risk for dental carries need access to a number of different protective and preventative therapies to reduce tooth decay. The cost of adding fluoride to regional drinking water is minimal when compared to the large costs of restorative dental surgery for children living in regions without fluoridation.

Community water fluoridation has had a great effect in caries prevention and there are additional effective approaches that should also be considered. Experts agree there is a need to strongly support the use of fluorides, particularly fluoridation of community water supplies. As this measure alone is insufficient for high risk groups, governments should also incorporate fluoride varnishes and remineralization agents into dental programs. There is a crisis in dental caries in some populations and we need to target these groups with the most appropriate interventions.

The ECDS and the ODA are saying to the public and the government of Ontario that it's time to stand up for community water fluoridation. It is important to your family and your community.

To find out more about this issue go to the ODA website.


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