Veneers and Your Smile
Thursday December 3, 1998

Dear Dr.Mady: I have severely stained teeth and have tried just about every over-the-counter whitening product that I can get my hands on but nothing seems to work. Without seeing me, what do you think would help me look and feel better? - Sam in Amherstburg

Dear Sam- Your concern is very common, and if you have explored all the avenues you may be a good candidate for Porcelain Veneers. They are custom made ceramic facings or shells specifically designed to make your teeth look naturally attractive. With veneers you can change both the shape and color of your front teeth to your desire so that appearance can be improved. Porcelain is both stain-resistant and durable.

The procedure for porcelain veneers is fairly simple. To provide strength and space for them, a minimal amount of enamel is usually removed from the front of the teeth in question. An impression is then taken so that the dental lab can fabricate the veneers on a stone model of the teeth.

During the second visit, these are bonded to your teeth using a special procedure. Prior to bonding your dentist can temporarily put them in place so you can approve the look and shade.

In terms of what to expect later, veneers require about the same amount of home care as natural teeth. They can chip if not cared for properly just as natural teeth can. Try and avoid habits such as pen chewing, nail biting or using your teeth as tools.

I feel that even the most subtle change in your smile can dramatically change the way you look and feel, and it sounds like it will be more than merely a subtle change for you. Consult with your dentist if you require further information . I'm confident that this simple procedure will not only enhance your appearance but your total self-image and confidence. Remember, make the most of your smile!
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