Can You Save a Tooth?
Thursday June 4, 1998

DEAR DR. MADY: I am a mother of four extremely active boys. They play very aggressively with each other and one day my eldest, John, was hit in the face with a baseball bat by one of his brothers and he lost his front tooth. I was later told by my neighbour that the tooth could have been saved. Is this possible when the entire root comes out with it? - Denise in St. Claire Beach.

Yes, it is possible to save a tooth that has been knocked out (avulsed), but one must act quickly! The first thing to remember is to not rub or scrub the tooth. Rinse it off with water, milk or juice. If you can, try to put the tooth back into its socket immediately (do not try to re-implant a lost baby tooth). If you can't, store the tooth in milk, contact lens solution, or water. Then call your dentist right away, or the dentist on call. If you get there within one hour there is a good chance of saving the tooth.
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